Research and Development


Innovation being the central dogma of functioning of the company; clear emphasis has been given on continuous research and development of newer, more effective formulations to suit the altering trends in health care system.
Unremitting exploration of medicinal plants to find out the best suitable ingredients for drug formulation is the chief function of the R and D department. Apart from this, continuous efforts are taken by the department to produce the classical compounds having optimum effects.
Currently encountered problems such as unavailability of certain raw materials, adulteration in the market samples; are being tackled by our expert team efficiently. Standardization of each product right from the initial stage, in process and the final product is done systematically.

Continuous research activities are carried out in the organization, in various fields and directions.
The efficacy of a drug combination depends on the purity, chemical nature and potency, rate of absorption, metabolic transformation and elimination. Different pre and therapeutic processing procedures of the various drugs are indicated for maintaining the purity, to increase the potency, easy metabolic transformation and elimination. So the standardization of a medicine begins from the selection of Crude drugs itself.
Strict Quality control measures are followed at all the 3 stages before introducing the drug to health care sector. This involves:

i. Raw material or crude drug standardization- Ensuring that the material used for the preparations is authentic and matching the required standard.

ii. In process quality control- Ensuring that the preparation is made according to accepted specification.

iii. Final product quality assessment- Ensuring that the end product confirms to set standards.

• Disease focus:

Newer drug combinations are being formulated along with innovative approaches for the effective management of following diseases-

• Various types of Cancer
• Leukemia
• Acid peptic disorders
• Eczema and other chronic skin disorders
• Pigmentation disorders
• Anemia
• Life style diseases

• Research activities :

Involving standardization of classical as well as innovative proprietary drugs are being constantly stressed on in the R & D unit.

Dr. Siddhisha N. Kurve
Head, (R and D Unit)
Brahmanath Pharma Pvt. Ltd.