Know Ayurveda


Ayurveda as a science has a very rich legacy.Ayurveda, the most primeval health care system encompasses all the aspects of health including the body, mind, soul and all the bodily functions as well. The roots of this science could be traced to up to 5000 years ago. Since then till the time immortal, Ayurvedic system of medicine proves to be a boon for living a healthy and happy life style. Ayurveda aims at not only curing the ailment thoroughly, by attacking its root cause; but also maintaining the desired standard of living. Basic principles such as Tridosh, Saptadhatu, Panchamahabhutsiddhanta and scientific streams like Dravyagunvidnyan, Bhaishajyakalpana are an integral part of Ayurveda. It has a very unique, distinct approach of interpreting a diseased condition and its cure.
At Brahmanath Pharma, we remain committed to the fundamentals of ancient wisdom of health and lifestyle- Ayurveda. Here’s a sneak peek into the enormous literature of Ayurvedic sciences.