About Us


Infinite treasure for health care is hidden within the ancient texts of Ayurveda. This treasure needs to be explored and utilized to the fullest to bestow a better quality of life on the mankind today. For which; tireless efforts are required along with an impeccable foresight.
At Shree Brahmanath Pharma, we believe in the extraction of time tested wisdom from the classical scriptures and coupling it with the recent scientific stance to attain excellence in the field of Ayurvedic drug manufacturing. The unit aims at producing the best quality Classical and proprietary Ayurvedic drugs.
Strict Quality control investigations are carried out in the raw material, during and after the drug preparation to ensure release of only the safest and best quality products. Unceasing literature study is done to find out newer techniques of production of classical drugs as well as to formulate novel proprietary compounds.
Solemn aspiration of this initiative is to utilize the ancient wisdom along with latest techniques for the welfare of society by conferring a healthy mind and body and we are bound to deliver this promise by all means.

Dr. Paras D. Golecha
Brahmanath Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Advisory board and consulting panel:

    1. Dr. Ninad S. Sathe ( M.D., Ph.D.)
    2. Dr. Nirmal kumar G. Kurve ( Ph.D.)
    3. Dr. Ashish A. Punde (M.D.)
    4. Dr. Amit C. Firke (M.D.)
    5. Dr. Kiran B. Kakad (B.D.S.)
    6. Dr. Anupama K. Awate (M.D.)
    7. Dr. Savita K. Avhad ( M.D.)